We give founders better options to grow their business

We're the flexible future of venture capital.

We provide lean start-ups with founder-aligned capital to improve your odds of success. D2 invests in early stage technology businesses with initial ticket sizes of £200k-£1M. We lead with equity or our own HERO convertible note and can provide additional non-dilutive capital as you scale. We love being the first institutional money a founder receives and we are committed to the long term. If that sounds interesting to you, we’d love to talk.

1 The Right Ingredients

We offer founders the choice of either a normal equity round like any other VC, or our founder-friendly HERO convertible note. The HERO goes beyond equity by preserving your optionality and maximises the alignment between us and you.

2 Protecting Your Slice

As you scale, we can provide various forms of non-dilutive capital to help you fund repeat activities efficiently and to smooth out the lumpy cash flow growing businesses have.

3 Growing the Pie

We work d*mn hard every day to help our founders succeed, and we bring the support of our growing community of like minded start-ups and investors. D2 never leaves a partner behind.

VC backed founders usually end up owning less than 10% of their business at exit. Let's do this differently.

We focus on improving your odds of success by keeping your optionality and ownership high.

The capital we provide isn’t ‘one size fits all.’ Instead, it can end up looking very different depending on the direction you choose to grow your business in.

Our Approach