Rocket fuel for profit focused founders

Our earnings-based financing is designed to support entrepreneurs who want to solve for profitability and create sustainable businesses from the get-go.

Double Down provides funding for any business purpose and links repayments to the owner earnings of the company. We understand that as a founder who owns all/most of your company, you can decide when and how to take capital out of your business. To preserve that flexibility, we define ‘owner earnings’ as a combination of founder salaries, dividends and retained earnings (profit).

Each advance includes a monthly earnings threshold, below which no repayments are collected. A fixed mark-up for the total advance is agreed at the point of investment, usually between 2-5x. This amount will not increase regardless of how long it takes to pay the advance back.


Draw down on your facility when you need it and use it for any business purpose (e.g. salary while you get up and running or inventory)

Keep Control

You decide how and when you reinvest business profits back into the company or take them out in salaries or dividends


No dilution, no control terms and no Board seats


Payments only kick in once you're earning above a pre-agreed threshold and are based on a % of earnings. Slow month? You pay less with no charges

How It Works
1 Share your business information

We’ll look at what you’ve achieved to date and where you want to take the business in the future

2 Work with us to build an offer that is right for you
  • Agree an advance amount and repayment amount
  • Set a salary and earnings threshold above which payments will be collected
  • Agree a payback % above the owner earnings threshold set above
3 Repay as your sales grow

The advance is repaid from a share of owner earnings (founder salaries above the threshold, dividends and retained earnings). You can also choose to pay it back early at no extra cost

Industries & Timing

Our earnings-based advances are best suited to tech and tech enabled businesses or to high margin product-based companies. We’re always interested in learning about new sectors though so if that isn't you, feel free to get in touch and we can explore if we’d be a good fit.

We like to work with companies that are generating revenue but are still at an early stage. Maybe you’re working on your venture in your spare time and want to use the advance to supplement your salary and go full time. Or perhaps you’re growing the business but need funds for further development or a new product.

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